Connection NOT Collection: My Favorite Blogs


Today we’re talking about our favorite blog(s).

Write a post sharing one (or more) of your favorite blogs, tell us why you like it, link back here (you can copy my button above), and add your link to the list below.

Have some fun stopping by each other’s sites and be sure to comment while you’re there!
I’m not sure I have favorite blogs as much as I have favorite people who have blogs. When I look for a blog to follow I don’t really CARE if you have “make me cry or laugh out loud moments.” While content seems to be king for most people, and it is entertaining and my initial draw, it’s not what keeps me coming back for more.

What I care about is if I have a connection with the author. If they make me feel welcomed to their little corner of cyberspace. (and Genny does!) If I start to have a dialogue and build on that conversation. I don’t need a response to every comment I make, but I need to know that person makes an effort to connect with me at some point. Maybe that’s why I stay away from the more popular blogs. Being popular automatically sets you up for not being able to connect with all your readers like they want you to. Like I want to. I get that and don’t fault them for it…most of the time! 😉

But this is about my favorite blogs and as of late, here are a few on my igoogle page I try to visit a couple times each week!

I’ll let their blogs speak for themselves!

Jessie over at Blog Schmog   is not afraid to jump in with both feet.

Georgianna’s always having a Good Time… or at least trying!

Amy’s  gets to The Heart of the Matter

And a few more “writerly” blogs I just started revisiting. But I’ll have to add them later. Running late as always!

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4 thoughts on “Connection NOT Collection: My Favorite Blogs

  1. Genny

    Hi Gina,

    Thanks so much for joining in, and for the sweet words! I love the point you make about the people behind the blogs vs. the content!

    I haven’t been to any of these on your list and look forawrd to checking them out. Have a great day!



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