Writer…Interrupted: Field Trips, Awards and Opening Night, Oh My!

The life of a writer…interrupted is filled with distractions, but this month they’re all good!

My 8th grader’s 3 man team won the State Latin II Certamen (quiz bowl) AGAIN!! He also got Summa Cum Laude in the National Latin Exam for Latin II and came in first in state in the Sight Reading competition in the State Junior Classical league.

I got to accompany my 5th grader on a couple of field trips and we met the Governor!

My oldest starred in “The Boyfriend” and had a great run, proving to everyone that someone with a British accent came be melodramatic if the script calls for it!

And my youngest (almost 9) was busy with dance, the science fair, and practicing for a talent show, and took part in A Day In Rome with a scrumptious feast which I got to attend!

What did YOU do this month?



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