Bucket List

This list is ever growing as I grow and discover new goal and old desires. I hope my own list inspires you to write your own, dream big, and defy gravity!

1. Finish all my current manuscripts (juvenile adventure, suspense, cozy)

2. Be published in fiction. :) A girl can dream, can’t she? Cherry Blossom Capers 2011, Digging Up Death 2012

3. Find an agent Chip MacGregor

4. Attend a writers conference,  each year,  Oct. ’07, Sept 08,Sept 09, May ’10, August ’10

5. Go on a real vacation without the kids Midlife Road Trip 2010

6. Go to Disney World with the kid May 2007

7. Take a History Tour up the East Coast again (kids wouldn’t cooperate)

8. Go to Sea World with family March 2010

9. Move into a new home (another one of those uncontrollables) Sept. 08

10. Lose 20 lbs. May-Aug 2010

11. Exercise consistently 5 times a week

12 . Eat more fruits and vegetables as a life style change (Thanks to mom living with me and cooking veggies!)

13. Go on a vacation with my girl friends (for my 40th birthday in 2008?) Okay, my 41st! Instead I went to visit them! May 2010 See posts on MY MIDLIFE ROAD TRIP!

14. Establish a consistent devotion time 6:15 am from Jan 2010 – Jan 2011 ALMOST every day as consistent as it’ll probably get

15. Take Writer…Interrupted to the next level with forums and possible a retreat

16. Delegate more on Writer…Interrupted so I can do less

17. Establish a Jr. high youth ministry gathering in my new home. (well, no ministry, but there always seem to be a jr high or high school gathered in our house. Does that count? 2012)

18. Learn to communicate to my kids without yelling, 2012 seeing REAL progress

19. Take my vitamins consistently

20. Learn to listen to my kids better and tell them to be quiet nicely if I can’t listen. :)  2012 seeing REAL progress

21. Unlearn my dysfunctional parenting habits. 2012 seeing REAL progress

22. Go out more with friends

23. Get caught up in my Birthday Album

24. Caught up in my kids’ drama albums

25. Finish all my albums that only need a couple of pages of journaling to complete

26. Caught up in extended family album

27. Learn to slow down and smell the roses

28. Declutter my home like I was moving! (in process and I did move!)

29. Own an ipod/Mp3 player

30. Go on a cruise preferably Dancing with the Stars Cruise

31. Learn to ball room dance in progress Nov 2010- present

32. Be in a play with my kids Wizard of Oz 2009, Jungle Book 2010

33. Donate my hair to a charity cut it with intentions of donating, but it was highlighted

34. Take Writer…Interrupted to next level with forums! (Ning)

35. Write a couple of ebooks

36. Make some real money on my website/blogs

37. Live in Itlay

38. Flash Mob

39. Go on a cross country bike trip…distance negotiable! :)

40. Take ballroom dance lessons August 2011(added after the fact)

41. Be proficient in East Coast swing 2012

42. Learn Lindy Hop (working on it 2012)

43. Go to a Lindy Hop/Swing conference in 2012 Dallas 2012

44. Compete in ballroom dance

45. Do a ballroom dance showcase

46. Go on a Lindy Hop conference in 2013 :)

47. Family Vacation ( in Mexico) before oldest goes off to college