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Top Five Reasons to PreOrder my Book Now!

5. Because I’ve given you the link, and it’s quick, easy, and painless. Think “set it and forget it!”

4. Because if you do, then you’ll forget about it, and it’ll be like getting another Christmas present in January!

3. Because at this price you can get ALL of your Christmas shopping done! 😉

2. Because when my book finally hits the shelves AFTER the holidays, you might not have any money left!

And the number one reason why you should PREORDER my book now is because I’m going to the ACFW writing conference next month, and I want to impress the editors with my sales BEFORE the release date so they see want an awesome following I have and sign me for a bigger and better deal!!!! 😉

But seriously, if you’re planning on getting my debut book, why not do it now?

It’s just a click away!

For Parents:

I am soooo excited to use this one with my kids. It’s NOT just for homeschoolers!

I have been very happy with my hosting service. You might want to give them a try!bluehost.jpg

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