Cherry Blossom Capers

“Murder. Thefts of priceless artifacts. An ornery, little boy with a penchant for getting into trouble. Gina Conroy’s fast-paced debut novella, Buried Deception, has it all and takes readers on an emotional ride. A charming romance winds up this satisfying who-dun-it.” -Vickie McDonough, award-winning author of 24 books and novellas, including the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series.

“Kudos to Gina Conroy’s novella Buried Deception, a tale of love and mystery that kept me guessing and smiling until the very end. While this novella may be Conroy’s first, it certainly won’t be her last!” -Award winning author Kathleen Y’Barbo and speaker

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“I absolutely LOVED this entire collection…I would turn each page to each story, and find myself thrown into a completely new twist or turn and there were times I thought I things figured out and then one of the authors would hit me with a new puzzle piece, and I’d have to start the guessing game all over again…” Read more

Cherry Blossom Capers

Four townhouse neighbors encounter romance and mystery near our nation’s capital. In State Secrets, White House assistant chef Tara Whitley and FBI agent Jack Courtland stop a plot to sabotage a State dinner—and find love still hidden in their hearts. In Dying for Love, attorneys and opponents Ciara Turner and Daniel Evans uncover love while searching for justice. In Buried Deception, archaeologist Samantha Steele and security guard Nick Porter dig up love while uncovering a forged artifact. In Coffee, Tea and Danger, amateur sleuths Susan Holland and Vince Martini find love while investigating a string of mysterious accidents. 


“…This one [Buried Deception] may have been my favorite [novella], particularly because Samantha is such a strong character. I liked her spunk and felt she was the best developed heroine in the collection…” Read review

My Novella: Buried Deception

Mount Vernon archaeology intern and widow Samantha Steele wants to provide for her children without assistance from anyone. Security guard and ex-cop Nick Porter is haunted by his past and keeps his heart guarded. But when they discover an artifact at Mount Vernon is a fake, Nick and Samantha need to work together, set aside their stubbornness, and rely on each other or the results could be deadly. Will Samantha relinquish her control to a man she hardly knows? Can Nick learn to trust again? And will they both allow God to excavate their hearts so they can find new love?


This story [Buried Deception] was a novella that really gripped me. I was tossed around with the amazingly created characters and I never knew where I would land. As a single mom, I could relate to the struggles that Samantha had for wanting to be independent and care for her children. BUT, at the same time, hunk ex-cop Nick has trust issues. I totally can relate to him, too… I felt every issue, every emotion, every adrenaline rush as if it were my own. I LOVE that in a mystery. Mixed among the mystery is just the right amount of romance between Nick and Samantha, and the perfect amount of inspirational message for relying on God and trusting in Him to lead the way, no matter what situation your in.” Read more