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Embracing Life’s Layovers

Sometimes I feel as if I’m on a layover to my final destination. A stop on the way to something better, more exciting—My destiny.

You would think a stop, a pause in travel would be restful, and I guess sometimes it can be, but if you’ve been on a layover in an airport, then you know it’s an uncomfortable place to be.

Sometimes it can be crowded with too many people, too much worry. How long will I be waiting for my next flight to take me closer to where I want to be? Will I be able to survive on what little money I have? Where will I lay my head? Will I even sleep at all?

Being in a layover can be an uncomfortable place of worry and longing, but it can also be a place of renewal, growth, and friendship.

Layovers rarely happen alone. If a plane is grounded, look around. You’re not the only one stranded. There are other weary travels just like you. You just have to take your eyes off yourself and make an effort to see them. Or you can choose to close yourself off to those around you, thinking it’s not worth engaging in conversation. Maybe you truly are weary and don’t have the energy to reach out. It’s okay to close your eyes for a while, but when you’re rested, you have a choice. You can choose to step out of your world into the lives of others, offering companionship, hope, encouragement, or you can sulk in the corner and worry about things that are beyond your control.

If you choose to look outside your circumstances and reorient yourself from your destination to your present by engaging in the lives around you, you’ll find that the layover doesn’t last as long as you thought. And you might just help someone on their journey. And maybe, just maybe, they might help you get closer to your final destination.

Where are you on your journey and who have you helped (or helped you) along the way?



It’s funny that you had to wait for this post entitled patience! I’ve been really busy right now in my life, but those details will have to wait for another post.

Patience! That’s one of the words God spoke to me at ACFW this year. And no word is more dreaded to a choleric then the word patience. My family can attest to that. When I want something done, I mean yesterday. Sometimes I rattle five things off to my ADHD son and when he doesn’t do them all quickly, right at the moment I tell him, I get upset and wonder why?

Sometimes my behavior makes me laugh. Intellectually I know I should give him one task at a time, but God made me a choleric, “get the job done NOW!”, kind of person for a reason. I’m sure way down the road it’ll really come in handy when I’m on a deadline or involved in marketing my book, but for now it’s hard for those who live with me!

So in my home and in my writing, I need to learn patience. Especially since God is speaking the word “wait” into my life and waiting means I have to have patience. It makes me wonder why God made me a choleric and then decided he wanted to make me wait!

But He has His reasons. If it was up to me I’d just plow ahead and learn as I go, making tons of mistakes along the way. But maybe He has a different plan for me. One I can’t see or imagine. For example, I would never have dreamed my little webring would be over 40 members after only 3 short months in existence. That was one venture I just dove right in to, though I did let it stew for a couple of weeks. But when the desire wouldn’t go away, I ran with it. I figured if I couldn’t find a group that fits me, then I’ll go create one. And I did and others came!

So patience. I don’t like it, but I believe it will save me a lot of heartache and stress in the end. I just hope I can hear God’s voice when he tells me the next part of His plan.

And thank you for having patience with my jumbled, homeschool fried brain as I tried to peck out a thoughtful post!

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